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Holistic Medicine in Plano, TX

The chiropractic healing art has been practiced for over one hundred years. It has helped millions of people find pain relief and regain function. uses those same practices that have proved to be successful.
Our Services Include:
Doctor Examining Patient's Spinal X-Rays - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Plano, TX
X-ray Services
Inside the office, we have state of art x–ray equipment; high frequency with a very short time of exposure equals minimal radiation. Our developer is advanced. In 1 to 2 minutes, we can show you the film and tell you what is going on in your body.
In regular medical office settings, spinal x–rays are performed in a laying down position. In our office, we perform spinal x-rays in a standing position which shows real mechanical posture.
Decompression and intermittent traction machine is very effective for disc protrusion and degenerative spine problems which make millions of Americans miss work. In some cases, compression of spinal nerves can even lead to physical disability. With our decompression and traction devices not only is pain relief accomplished, work productivity can be increased.
Interferential electrical stimulation is crossing negative and positive electrodes over problematic areas which can lead to pain reduction.
Ultrasound is a device designed for injury recovery. It promotes circulation, decreases swelling and reduces pain.

Massage Therapy - Massage in Plano, TX
Massage Therapy
Massage is a great method for providing comfort from aches and pain.
Massage therapy is offered in the office and performed by a licensed massage therapist. We offer a variety of different techniques, from swedish and deep tissue massage to lymphatic drainage and sports massages.
Massage time:
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes

Chinese Herbs - Herbs in Plano, TX
Yes, we do use Chinese Herbs and other nutritional products. We will give those supplements to you after diagnosing you the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" way. All herbs can be filled at our in house herbal pharmacy.